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Designed, developed and precision manufactured in the UK to the highest quality from 6061 T6 Aluminium, the B-G Racing Hub Stands Kit is the ultimate solution for vehicle set up and alignment.

This advanced and proven system replaces the vehicle wheel and tyre set, giving access to carry out a complete suspension and alignment set up without needing to lift the vehicle, and eliminating the need to roll the vehicle on and off scale pads to unload the suspension after adjustments. The changes occur in real time!

With B-G Racing Hub Stands, set up is faster and more precise than using a wheel and tyre set, with repeatable, accurate measurements instead of ever-changing figures caused by wheel and tyre variations.
Each base features a pair of high load, low resistance roller bearing wheels which allow the Hub Stands to respond with the vehicle suspension as changes are made. This keeps the suspension bind-free which in turn makes the adjustment process quick and easy, showing the results of your adjustments instantly.

The B-G Racing Hub Stands are height adjustable to suit different tyre diameters and can be supplied with a variety of multi-drilled plate to suit different vehicle bolt patterns. The interchangeable plates are available in a wide range of configurations including a selection of hubs with centre locking wheels and any custom application.

Each set of B-G Racing Hub Stands comes with a set of four aluminium Toe Sticks, precisely CNC machined in order to be bolted parallel to the hub face for stringing, or at the bottom of the base for measuring total toe. The Hub Stands are supplied with a set of eight 105mm Toe Stub Extensions designed to offset the Toe Stick away from the hub to clear large brake calipers and grease caps. A set of four stainless steel safety plates are also included in the kit which are used to prevent the vehicle from rolling off the scale pads.

The B-G Racing Hub Stands are suitable for vehicles up to a weight of 2000kg (4400lbs).

If you are not sure which application you need for your vehicle, please contact us via phone or email and we will be happy to discuss the options available.

BG Racing Hub Stands Kit
The kit comprises of four machined aluminium base assemblies and a set of your choice of interchangeable, multiple bolt pattern hub plates, four aluminium toe stick, eight 105mm toe stubs, and four stainless steel safety plates.

Additional Hub Plates
Allows one set of Hub Stand bases to be used on multiple vehicles with different PCD’s. Consists of four plates.

Centre Nut Collars
Designed to allow cars with hubs utilising single centre locking wheel nuts to be used with Hub Stands. The collars are CNC machined in the UK from 6061 T6 aluminium and they are tailor made to match each wheel nut to ensure the Hub Stand centralises to provide repeatable measurements.
Bespoke fitments are available on request, please contact us to request a specification form.
The kit generally consists of four to eight collars depending upon vehicle specific details.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification
Part NumberBGR90..
Nett Weight32.00kg – 70.40lbs
Loading Capacity2000kg - 4400lbs

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This product is guaranteed against faulty manufacture for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

This guarantee is invalid if the product is found to have been abused or tampered with in any way, or not used for the purpose for which it was intended.

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Q. What is included in a complete set of Hub Stands?
A. One complete set of Hub Stands includes 4 Hub Stand bases and Hub Plates with the PCD combination of your choice, 4 Toe Sticks to measure your vehicles tracking, 8 Toe Stub Extensions to offset the Toe Stick 105mm away from the hub face to clear brake caliper/grease caps and 4 Stainless Steel Safety Plates to prevent your vehicle from rolling off the scale pads.

Q. Which Hub Plate Pattern will I receive?
A. You will receive the pattern as requested when you order. You will find a brief overview of potential applications on the Hub Stand Application List PDF on this web page. If you are unsure of your vehicles PCD pattern, please contact us and we will be happy to help. We can also produce to suit custom applications.

Q. Is it possible to use Hub Stands with my Porsche Carrera 991 Cup car that has centre locking nuts?
A. Yes. We have available Centre Locking Nut Collars for all Porsche Cup cars and a wide selection of other race cars. Plus we can produce custom solutions for other centre lock cars.

Q. The PCD pattern on my vehicle is not listed in the applications. Is it possible to get a customised plate pattern?
A. Yes. Please contact us via phone or email for more information. We also offer a "Blank" plate which allows you to machine the PCD pattern to suit in your own workshop.

Q. Will Hub Stands fit on my scale pads?
A. Yes. Hub Stands have a fixed base that will easily fit on the B-G Racing scales or most other brands of scales which have a pad size of 38cm x 38cm (15" x 15"). The Hub Stands can also be used on smaller scale pads as long as they are centered on the pad.

Q. What are the Toe Stub Extension plates?
A. The Toe Stub Extension plates are designed to offset the Toe Sticks away from the face of the hub by 105mm to clear larger brake calipers and grease caps.

Q. How tall are the Hub Stands?
A. The Hub Stands are individually height adjustable and are designed to give you additional working space under the car. At their lowest setting, the hub centre line is 316mm off the ground and at the highest point, the hub centre line is 380mm off the ground. These measurements are equal to tyre diameters ranging from 632mm to 760mm.

Q. Can I use Hub Stands in conjunction with the B-G String Lines (BGR200)?
A. Yes. This will allow you to carry out a complete set up on your vehicle and ensure your front and rear axles are running parallel.

Q. Is there a Hub Plate Pattern that will fit both 4-stud and 5-stud vehicles?
A. No. We recommend you purchase a complete set of Hub Stands to suit one of your fitments, and then an additional set of plates to suit your other fitment.

Contact Us

We recommend that all customers contact us prior to purchasing from the Hub Stands range.
Although we have specific fitments we like to know that the exact kit has been purchased for your needs.
There are various ways in which a kit can be made up, with optional extra parts that can assist when using the Hub Stands kits.

Please contact us and one of our experienced technical team will be able to inform you of the perfect set up for your applications.
Call us: +44(0)1268 764411 - or drop us an email: sales@b-gdirect.com

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