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B-G Fine Tip Paint Marker Pens

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B-G Fine Tip Paint Marker Pens

The B-G Paint Pen is designed to accurately mark any surface with a highly visible, hard-wearing ink. 

The B-G Fine Tip Paint Pen (Ø1mm) can be used for marking a range of surfaces, including aluminium, composites, plastic, metal and more. For example, the B-G Paint Pen could be used for marking the tightened position of bolts on your car so you’re quickly able to identify if something has worked loose. 

The Fine Tip Paint Pens are also widely used by fabricators allowing surfaces to be measured and then marked with the 1mm diameter tip, ensuring parts are accurately cut to size. 

The Paint Pen could also be to mark tyre sidewalls with any information required, such as which corner of the car it was fitted to, how many heat cycles it’s been through or the position of the tyre valve to see if a tyre has spun on the rim after fitment.

The main body is produced from aluminium, and the B-G Paint Pen is fitted with a 1mm diameter fine tip for accurate marking and control of paint flow. 

The B-G Paint Pens are available in a wide range of colours, including Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Silver, White or Yellow.

Sold individually. 

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