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B-G Racing - 3 Inch Wireless Race Scales

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Brand: B-G Racing
Product Code: BGR335
The B-G Racing Wireless Race Scale pads are a ribbed aluminium construction for maximum strength and minimal deflection,...

New for 2024 - First stock expected in Spring 


The B-G Racing Wireless Race Scale pads are a ribbed aluminium construction for maximum strength and minimal deflection, essential for accurate, repeatable results. 

The up-to-date combination of a wireless Android tablet and Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology means the Scales are simple to use and very responsive. Unlike RF or Wi-Fi systems, the Bluetooth Scale Pads pair directly to the tablet, avoiding any interference or disconnecting/reconnecting after every use.

The easy-to-use wireless 10” Android tablet displays the vehicle’s four corner weights, the axle weights, the cross weights, rear bite, and percentages all at once. The data on display can be changed to suit user preference through a range of options.

Not only does the Wireless Scale System avoid the need for trailing cables around the workshop floor, but it also doubles as a Set Up database, where the user can save, load, and export the Scale data onto a comprehensive set up sheet if desired, including ride heights, damper settings, alignment settings and more. These set up sheets can be recalled at any time for exporting to a CSV or PDF file, or for comparing with the live data.

The Wireless Scale System can also determine the vehicle centre of gravity, with some simple user inputs. This added function is ideal for determining where to place ballast, or where to shed excess mass from your car.

The B-G Racing Wireless Race Scale system is supplied with a case and charger for the 10” Android tablet, and a full set of AA batteries for the set of 4 Scale Pads, which are easily replaceable thanks to the removable compartment.

An optional protective Tablet Case (BGR335TC) is also offered to keep your valuable Tablet safe from accidental damage. 


Part Number BGR335
Brand B-G Racing
Material Aluminium
Accuracy 0.5kg - 1.10lb
Battery Life 100 Hours
Scale Pad Length (L) 381mm - 15.00”
Scale Pad Width (W) 381mm - 15.00”
Scale Pad Height (H) 76.20mm - 3.00”
Scale Pad Weight 10.80kg - 23.80lb per scale pad
Scale Pad Loading Capacity 635kg - 1400lb per scale pad
Scale Pad Power Supply 4 x AA Batteries per scale pad
File Export Format CSV or PDF
Tablet Battery Life 9 Hours (depending on usage)
Tablet Charging Time 3 Hours
Tablet Depth 8.5mm – 0.33”
Tablet Height 243mm – 9.60”
Tablet Nett Weight 480g – 1.05lb
Tablet OS Android
Tablet Power Supply Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Tablet Width 169mm – 6.70”
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Warranty This product is guaranteed against faulty manufacture for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. This guarantee is invalid if the product is found to have been abused or tampered with in any way, or not used for the purpose for which it was intended. Faulty goods should be returned to their place of purchase, no product can be returned to us without prior permission. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.
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